Testimonials - March 2020

Posted by OIC on March 16, 2020

Testimony from Tom Fallon, March 2020

Hi Larry,

On Sunday night I was blessed to be part of some amazing experiences at the county jail in which OIC teachings were put into practice with great effect. At the jail we have been practicing safe place prayer together in a guided meditation way. We go "boldly to the throne of Grace" together. In one dramatic session, a 37 year old who had announced himself to me as a "junkie for 34 years" met Jesus. The Son set him free. He was crying tears of joy and release. He now knows the mission and purpose of his life is to destroy every mark the evil one put on his life. I just want to thank you for bringing these teachings to us. They are changing people's lives.



Philippine Testimony, March 2020

Five years ago, to be exact I attended my first OIC Retreat -The Experiencing the Trinity in Cebu City. And how it change my life. The Lord transformed my life in a way I could not imagine at that time. Through the Transforming Prayer, the deep long forgotten fissures of my soul had been healed. As Leanne Payne, a spiritual formation author said, “Brokenness keeps so many people from taking the path God has for them. As long as we have these unhealed places within us, these rifts in the soul, we find it next to impossible to live in freedom and victory. No matter how much we demand of ourselves applying discipline and doctrine, it will never work.” How true is her observation. Oh how I struggled to live a victorious Christian life. But it just didn’t work. The deep unhealed broken parts of my soul just keep undermining my sincere efforts.

By God’s grace, the OIC team headed by Dr Larry Hinkle came to Cebu City for the first time to conduct a [spiritual formation] retreat for GCI ministers from Visayas and Mindanao. It was during this retreat and hereafter that the Lord allowed the deep wounds to surface and be healed.

I am very grateful for the many spiritual disciplines that OIC had taught and demonstrated [life to life] to us during the sessions. Many of these practices I have experimented and incorporated into my spiritual life.

Slowly since that breakthrough, my journey has been more joyful and meaningful. Transformation is a process and [the] Trinity is still working in my life. To God be the glory.

Angelo Ouano