Ministry Team


Dr. Larry Hinkle

Dr. Larry Hinkle is the founding director of the Odyssey in Christ international retreat and seminar ministry. He has served for over 35 years in pastoral ministry and teaches classes in Christian Ministry and Spiritual Formation at Grace Communion Seminary and the School of Graduate Studies at the Philippine Missionary Institute. As a retreat leader and trained spiritual director, Larry's passion is to help believers in leadership to know God better and to experience his love, presence and empowerment more fully in their personal lives and in their ministry.


Dr. Charles Fleming

Dr. Charles Fleming serves as Caribbean Mission Developer for the fellowship of Grace Communion International. He also currently teaches in the field of leadership and organizational change at Fuller Theological Seminary. As a ministry retreat presenter and Odyssey in Christ Board member, Charles sees himself called to encourage and equip people to live a life based on a pattern of “abiding” in Christ and bearing “lasting fruit” in joining Jesus in his mission to the world.



Carmen Fleming

Carmen Fleming serves as the Odyssey in Christ Board secretary and as a ministry retreat presenter. Her education includes advanced-level certification in healing prayer, small group leadership, and spiritually formative care-giving from Healing Care Ministries International. She is currently receiving training in the ministry of spiritual direction and is pursuing a master’s degree in Theology from Grace Communion Seminary. Carmen loves to see retreat participants experience authentic spiritual transformation and is fond of saying, “God always fills the space we make for him.”


Gracie Johnson

Gracie Johnson has worked as a paralegal and holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and a Post Masters Certificate in Education as well as having completed doctoral level studies in the fields of Human Services and Counseling. Additional studies include a certificate in Advanced Healing Prayer from the Institute of Formational Counseling at Ashland Theological Seminary. Having been the recipient of inner healing through Transforming Prayer, her desire is now to pass on that transformational experience to others. She has a particular passion for serving the spiritual and character building needs of young people. Gracie is also a member of the OIC Board of Directors.


Bill Wells

Bill Wells has served in pastoral ministry for seven years and currently serves as an associate pastor at Living Grace Christian Fellowship in Arvada, Colorado. His work background includes organizational development and training. As a member of the Odyssey in Christ ministry team, he gives presentations both in the U. S. and internationally in the application of spiritual disciplines and the practice of developing a rule of life in one’s spiritual journey. His passion revolves around spiritual formation and helping others in the realization that we are called to live into Kingdom life in the here and now.


Donna Rae Wells

Donna Rae Wells has served for many years with her husband Bill in pastoral ministry. She has received training in the practice of Transforming Prayer through Odyssey in Christ and is currently pursuing training in the ministry of Spiritual Direction. She has served as a small group leader and presenter in various Odyssey in Christ retreat/seminar settings. She loves to tell the story of how her life has been forever changed through participation and service in the ministry of OIC, and how her relationship with the Triune God continues to transform her as she daily ministers where He leads and directs. She is passionate about helping others to experience God’s presence in deeper ways.


Lorilee Immel

Lorilee Immel has her Doctorate in Ministry from Ashland Theological Seminary, Ohio, in the field of Formational Counseling. Her focus is Spiritual Formation, facilitating group spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, and spiritual retreats. She has her Masters in Practical Theology and a Masters Certificate in Formational Prayer. Lori serves as adjunct faculty in the Transformative Spirituality Master’s Degree program in the School of Graduate Studies at the Philippines Missionary Institute and has served on OIC ministry teams both in the U.S. and internationally. She enjoys inviting others to intimate relationship with God via prayer. Lori often says, “As we take our position with Christ in the heavenlies, we are learning to walk on water!”


Ron Hickman

Ron Hickman and his wife Rebecca have been married for 43 years. They have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren. Retired from Siemens Corporation following 40 years of service (most recently as senior director for technical publications and training development), Ron now serves as a local church elder for Christ Community Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. After many years of leading church ministries, together they currently lead the Spiritual Health ministry in their church, offering the services of transforming prayer, spiritual companionship, and spiritual direction. Ron has completed several years of training in spiritual discernment and spiritual direction with the Odyssey in Christ ministry and along with Rebecca serves as a retreat presenter and leader in the ministry’s Global Prayer Initiative.


Rebecca Hickman

Rebecca Hickman's career as a Registered Nurse spans more than 40 years and she currently serves part time specializing in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. She also serves as Chair of Milford Miami Ministries, a combined local ministry of 22 churches in her area who provide groceries, emergency financial assistance, and spiritual guidance. After over 30 years of leading church ministries together, Rebecca and her huband Ron currently lead the Spiritual Health ministry in their church, offering the services of transforming prayer, spiritual companionship, and spiritual direction. in the local congregation. Rebecca has also completed several years of training in spiritual discernment and spiritual direction with the Odyssey in Christ ministry and along with Ron serves as a retreat presenter and leader in the ministry’s Global Prayer Initiative.


Guest Speakers


Karl Reinagel

Karl Reinagel has a master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Grace Communion Seminary and has served 20 years in pastoral ministry. He currently serves as lead pastor of New Creation in Christ in Ferguson, Missouri, and is a local chapter leader of the Office of Reconciliation and Mediation, as well as serving in the role of ministry coordinator for Child Evangelism Fellowship. Karl is passionate about each person walking fully in peace with the Trinity and with humanity. His participation in Odyssey in Christ retreats and workshops has been very transformational for him as well as for his fellow participants, and he is excited about the role he plays in helping others to have the same experience.


Mark McCulley

Mark McCulley was ordained an elder in 1987, and began serving as pastor of Living Grace Christian Fellowship in Arvada, Colorado in 2008. His pastoral ministry abilities include writing, organizational skills, ministry to teens, young adults and seniors. Previously, he worked in the conference industry for 30 years, including administering an office that ran multi-site annual conferences and owning a consulting business. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Pastoral Studies and has participated in Odyssey in Christ retreats, seminars and online workshops. Mark is committed to the personal application of Scripture and an open heart to the lead of the Holy Spirit in leadership.


Joanne McCulley

Joanne McCulley, as an English pastor's daughter, was acquainted early in life with the reality of peoples' spiritual needs and the importance of seeking God with one's whole heart. She moved to America in 1984 and has lived in California and now Colorado ever since. For the past 10 years, Joanne has owned and operated a business that helps companies with their quality management systems. She has a deep passion for prayer, and has been helping others find healing and the joy of intimacy with Jesus for the past 20 years. Serving alongside her husband Mark in pastoral ministry, she is active in leading worship and praying for others.


prayer support coordinator



Bonny McQueary serves as the Odyssey in Christ ministry Prayer Coordinator. Her experience includes participation in various retreats and workshops including training in the ministry of Spiritual Direction and Transforming Prayer. She is a co-pastor at the Abundant Grace Fellowship congregation in Fort Myers, Florida assisting in the Meal & Prayer Ministry serving food and love twice a week to the homeless population in the area.





Dr. Rey Taniajura

Dr. Rey Taniajura serves as our Odyssey in Christ Ministry representative in the Philippines. He is the Mission Director of Grace Communion International fellowship in the Philippines. He is an adjunct faculty in Leadership Studies at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Quezon City, Philippines and William Carey International University in Pasadena, California. He also serves as an associate dean at Philippine Missionary Institute, Philippines. Rey is enthusiastically promoting OIC in both the Philippines and in other Asian countries.


June Taniajura, together with her husband Rey, has served in ministry for 40 years. The main area of her ministry is in counseling and facilitating retreats focused on addressing emotional and spiritual woundedness. She obtained a master of ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburg, Indiana and a master in family psychology and education from Miriam College in the Philippines. She looks forward to seeing more people in the Philippines gain greater interest in spirituality and spiritual formation. A main area of focus in the OIC ministry is that of Transforming Prayer, helping participants be open to the healing work of Christ in body, soul and spirit.


Pastor Hector Barrero serves as the Latin American Mission Developer for the fellowship of Grace Communion International and, along with his wife Paulina, pastors two congregations in Bogotá, Colombia. He is the voice of the daily radio program “Verdad y Vida” in Bogotá, a ministry that has had a significant spiritual impact in the local community. Hector holds a master’s degree in Theological Studies from FLET University (Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teológicos) and has dedicated much of his 30-year pastoral ministry to helping couples enhance their marriage relationship employing a program called Marriage with Purpose (Matrimonios con Propósito).


Paulina Barrero has served together in pastoral ministry with her husband Hector for over 30 years. She holds a BA degree in Religious Sciences from Pontificia University Javeriana and a master’s degree in Biblical Studies from FLET University (Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teológicos). She has also dedicated much of her ministry to helping couples enhance their marriage relationship through Marriage with Purpose (Matrimonios con Propósito). Hector and Paulina are actively involved in teaching and administration in a ministry called CIPEP (Corporación Instituto para la Educación Pastoral) which provides pastoral and theological training for ministry leaders.