Online Graduate Seminary Course

A 12-week course studying spiritual formation is offered through Grace Communion Seminary during the fall semester each year. Participation in the Odyssey in Christ Experiencing the Trinity retreat is a required component of this course.

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Master of Arts in Transformative Spirituality

The Master of Arts in Transformative Spirituality is designed to assist a new generation of church leaders, practitioners, and educational leaders in learning, developing, practicing and teaching in the fields of spiritual formation, spiritual direction and spiritual mediation leading to the deepening of relationships with God, self and others.

The program equips students in the ministry of Christian caregiving through spiritually focused guidance with a view to bringing hope, healing and spiritual well-being to all levels of brokenness in the human condition. To this end, emphasis is placed upon an experiential knowing of the God who is revealed in Jesus Christ as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Concomitant to the benefits of the program’s design is the student’s own personal transformation which in turn leads to the spiritual renewal of churches, communities and society as a whole.

Classes are taken mainly in online tutorial format and are thus available worldwide.

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PhD in Transformational Leadership

The PhD program in Transformational Leadership aims to provide leaders, managers and executives with integrative frameworks and tools essential to bring about transformational innovation in leadership in organizations in the world/marketplace today.

Each course of study is a complete course in itself, and is taken mainly as a tutorial and/or online. The process is primarily experiential, exploratory and applicatory. Face to face encounter with faculty/mentor is by way of individual conferences with the course mentor/faculty. Appropriate assigned readings, field work and research all serve to enhance the student’s understanding of the subject.

Each course mentor/faculty will focus on the learner’s ability to perform up to a given criterion level of performance which the learner must attain in order to receive the grade of “Completed” or its equivalent. The final Dissertation must be worthy of being presented in an academic seminar/conference or published in an academic journal, and must surface a new insight into the practice of transformational leadership leading to transformational development.

Classes are taken mainly in online tutorial format and are thus available worldwide.

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