Spiritual Companionship

The art and practice of spiritual companionship or spiritual direction may be defined as companioning with another person, or persons in the group setting, for the purpose of helping them to recognize and respond to the presence of God in their lives. These classes provide instruction in this growing worldwide ministry of spiritual discernment and spiritual guidance.


transforming prayer

Transforming Prayer is a participation in the incarnational nature of God. This class provides instruction in a balanced team ministry form of care-giving and prayer that addresses issues of healing in the body, soul and spirit.


Class offerings in spanish

La formación espiritual es un proceso en el cual los Cristianos se vuelven más y más como Jesucristo, no sólo por su propio bien sino por el bien de los demás. Este taller proporciona maneras útiles y concretas para organizar nuestras vidas para la transformación espiritual auténtica que conduce a la semejanza a Cristo en todos los ámbitos de la vida.

Si está interesado en un taller o un retiro de formación espiritual dirigido en español, por favor comunicarse con nosotros en: office@odysseyinchrist.com

online Graduate seminary course

A 12-week course studying spiritual formation is offered through Grace Communion Seminary during the fall semester each year. Participation in the Odyssey in Christ Experiencing the Trinity retreat is a required component of this course.

For complete details, registration and payment information, visit the Experiencing the Trinity page..


Class offerings available upon request

Spiritual Discernment in Leadership Level 1

We are instructed through Scripture to be transformed by the renewal of our minds so that we may discern the will of God. Discernment is at the heart and core of the spiritual journey in Christ. This class provides practical pathways for learning to personally discern the will of God and for leading groups in discerned decision-making.

Living the Transformed Life Level 1

Spiritual formation is a process in which Christians become more and more like Jesus Christ, not only for their own sake but for the sake of others. This class provides useful and concrete ways to arrange our lives for authentic spiritual transformation that leads to Christlikeness in all arenas of life.


Custom-Designed Spiritual Formation Classes

If you are interested in an online custom-designed class for your church or group, please contact Odyssey in Christ at: office@odysseyinchrist.com