Written Testimonials

"What a wonderful, encouraging, uplifting, and deeply meaningful time with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!"—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"I would recommend this retreat experience because it encourages us to have that one relationship with Jesus—to learn how to imitate him, with the help of his Spirit as we live moment to moment".—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"OIC is a blessing to our denomination and [I] will encourage participation."—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"The most important thing I experienced during the retreat was a confirmation that I am on the right track and drawing closer to my God and especially enjoying meeting new people and getting to know them so well and so quickly – we have the close relationship of being brothers and sisters in Christ. What a joy!"—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"It’s so wonderful getting close to the Trinity. To affirm that He loves us so much and He has created us to participate with Him in His work and Life!"—St. Louis, MO, 2016

" learned how to listen to and invite the Spirit to speak to me. My personal experience brought an emotional closeness to the Lord that all my head knowledge never gave me."—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"If you are looking for a close, personal encounter with God, there’s no better environment! Peace, knowledge and fellowship!"—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"The retreat was a such a pleasant time for us, both as a couple and individually. We experienced renewal and affirmation of what God is doing in our lives. As John Ortberg says in You Have a Soul, "The soul's infinite capacity to desire is the mirror image of God's infinite capacity to give." During the retreat, the practices enabled me to open my soul to God's infinite capacity to give. Since then, I keep noticing my soul's infinite capacity to desire."—St. Louis, MO, 2016

"We came away from Experiencing the Trinity with invaluable tools for deepening our daily walk with the Father, Son and Spirit. We truly experienced being in the presence of God in a very intimate, tangible way, which left us thirsting for more. I can’t recommend this retreat enough!!!"—Titusville, FL, 2015

"Every time the Odyssey in Christ ministry has presented this retreat, our Triune God does what he never stops doing in many creative ways, loving us and making himself known. As one of the my spiritual mentors says so well, God is so faithful, he always fills the space we make for him."--Titusville, FL, 2015

“The Experiencing the Trinity retreat last weekend was really amazing...The entire weekend was one encounter after another with the Father, Son and Spirit—sometimes with my retreat companions and often in solitude.”—St. Louis, MO, 2015

Reflection on Experiencing the Trinity Retreat by Jeevan Shresta, Missionary to the Middle East in Training, Philippines, 2015

Last year our weekly small group went through Ruth Haley Barton’s book, Life Together in Christ. In chapter 3, she explains group Spiritual Direction. I volunteered to be the “Presenter." At the time although I felt a calling to serve in the ministry of Odyssey in Christ, I was confused about which aspect of the ministry I was to focus on personally with Jesus. I had thought it was Transforming Prayer. I took the workshop on it and waited for opportunities to help someone. But the opportunities didn’t occur. So I began to question whether or not I was on the right track. At the end of my presentation after a time of silence and contemplation, each person in the group felt led to say the same thing to me in their own words, “wait.” So I did. As time went by, God revealed to me that I was thinking too small. He wants me to participate with Odyssey in Christ in more than just Transforming Prayer. He sent me to the Philippines to share the ministry with brothers and sisters there; he helped me to facilitate a group there. He sent me to another state to be a spokesperson for the ministry at a large conference, and I have had opportunities to be a presenter at the Experiencing the Trinity retreats. I know I get “fired up” any time I get to talk about Odyssey in Christ. I want everyone to experience intimacy with the Trinity. God allowed me to help someone into Christ’s presence through the “Safe Place” exercise, but I now understand that my focus is to be on the whole OIC ministry and to just be ready for whatever God wants me to do in it.—Donna Rae

On-site Video Testimonials

Testimony from Florida with Cathy

Testimony from Missouri with Carla and Krissy