January - April 2018

Cost: $275

Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Direction is a practice dating back centuries in the Church and today is being revived in the Body of Christ as a way of companioning with another person or together with others in group for the purpose of effectively discerning the movement of God’s Spirit in life and in ministry. Benefits include a deeper relationship with God, authentic spiritual transformation as well as clarity in mission and vocation for both individuals and groups.

Odyssey in Christ currently provides four levels of introductory online workshops.

Level 1 / Introduction to the art and practice of Spiritual Direction.

Level 2 / Building upon foundational principles from Level 1 to include group Spiritual Direction.

Level 3 / Active practice through “real-play” Spiritual Direction scenarios.

Level 4 / Advanced levels of Spiritual Direction concepts and practice.

For additional information contact Dr. Larry Hinkle at office@odysseyinchrist.com.