A Barometer for the Inner Life

Posted by OIC on May 1, 2016

Written prayers are a useful resource for the formation of a disciple. They help us discern what is going on deep within us. Saying written prayers was something Jesus did. On the cross, we hear him praying from the Psalms. I invite you to reflect on the prayer, A Daily Prayer of Surrender.

First, here are some of ways to meditate on this prayer.

  • As a conversation starter–in the same way the Psalms inspire conversation with God, a prayer like this one gives us words and concepts we may not have thought of in our own circumstances.
  • As a way to uncover and express our true feelings–we must not discount the role feelings have in our spiritual formation. When we bring them into Jesus’ light, we can discover things that we may not have wanted to face regarding ourselves (the false self). Or, we may tap into core longings that could connect us with our true self.
  • As a transformation tool–this prayer and other written prayers can change and shape our relationship with God, as well as our attitude towards ourself and the world.

Take 10 minutes now and offer this prayer to the Lord. If you are not familiar with it, read it once slowly during the 10 minute period. Then read it a second time, and highlight anything you feel the Holy Spirit is saying to you. Go back to those highlighted portions, and discuss what you are feeling and thinking with God. For example:

Your attention may be arrested at, “I cast all my fear and anxiety…” Pause for a moment; take inventory of what is going on inside of you. Name it in God’s presence. Notice how it manifests itself in your body. This is important for your own self-awareness. Discuss and process it with him.

A Daily Prayer of Surrender

Heavenly Father,

I come to you today, just as I am. I give you all my strengths and weaknesses, vices and virtues, hopes and fears, successes and failures, faith and doubt.

I cast all my fear and anxiety and insecurity upon you, trusting that you will do your part, trusting that you will show me what my part is (if any), and trusting that all things will work together for good because I love you, and because I am called according to your purpose.

I receive your mercy, grace, and love into my life. Please help me to extend it to myself and others as well.

Please give me the discernment and wisdom to know your will for me, the willingness to accept it, and the courage and strength to do it. I need your help in each of these ways, for I cannot do any of them on my own.

Give me what I need for today –physically, spiritually, and emotionally that I may be fully alive in you. No more. No less.

May I live today with a heightened sense of your presence. May I catch glimpses of the eternal in all things. May I be aware of, and listen to, the promptings of your Holy Spirit.

I place my life completely and unreservedly in your hands, and trust that you will not let anything happen to me outside of your loving care for me.

I ask these things in the name and the power and the authority of Jesus Christ, my savior and friend.


—Carmen Fleming

Carmen Fleming is an Odyssey in Christ spiritual director and along with her participation on the retreat and seminar staff, she serves on the OIC Board as secretary.