Testimonial: Experiencing the Trinity Retreat, Florida 2018 (Tom Fallon)

Posted by OIC on April 30, 2019

Experiencing the Trinity Retreat Participants

For three days (November 8-11, 2018) a group of God’s children experienced a joy-filled Odyssey in Christ (OIC) retreat in sunny Titusville, Florida.  The “Experiencing the Trinity” retreat allowed us to enter sacred “Kairos” time with our Triune God.  We truly did experience the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit at this 8th annual spiritual renewal retreat. All who participated truly felt a tremendous fellowship in the Spirit.

One dear sister summarized her experience; “it was a truly amazing experience! Praise God for showing me that He does love me! Amen!”   Could there be any higher praise for a retreat experience?  Our sister in Christ came to know experientially in the depths of her heart that she is truly loved! 

Pastor Rannie Childress expressed his experience of the Trinity with these words “I was deeply moved ‘spiritually’ over the time spent there…..God (Father-Son-Spirit) revealed to me some life-changing revelations; …….I received the ‘message’ that I am to prepare for the next ‘season’ of my life (the life God has given to me); I cannot recommend highly enough for ‘all’ that can to attend one of these ‘Retreats’………you WILL NOT regret it! This is one of those ‘special times’ in life that is difficult to explain……..it really must be ‘experienced’… I plan to attend again next year (God willing); and I recommend that you do the same……”


One of the themes of the retreat was; as we create space for God (by clearing our schedules and choosing to make a retreat) God comes rushing in!  God indeed came rushing in and we witnessed healing in body, soul and spirit and, in the process, all experienced a special bond of love. This reteat was truly a foretaste of the wonderful world tomorrow where all God’s children will dwell together in perfect unity.

In this fast paced and ever dizzying world we live in, the spiritual practice of retreat is so uplifting and rejuvenating. These Odyssey in Christ retreats provide the perfect opportunity to plant the love of Christ in our souls and at the same time create lasting memories.  One sister put it this way “The Trinity has the answers to all my questions and longings.  I need to take time, to retreat, to meet with them and find answers and clarification and their embrace.  Thank you! I needed this retreat more than I realized and the Lord brought me here.”

--Tom Fallon