Testimonial: Experiencing the Trinity, Florida 2018 (Rannie Childress)

Posted by OIC on April 30, 2019

November 8-11, 2018
Titusville, Florida

My experience at the OIC retreat. 


I first arrived I was not open to want to know anyone, I was shut down and scared I wanted to leave. As I sat there and listened to everyone and got to know them my feeling for everyone grew to love them in such a deep deep way I can’t even describe without crying! 

This prayer was prayed after I wrote my poem:

Please Heavenly Father. Let me know you are real and it’s not just in my mind.  

After I prayed this prayer the Holy Spirit showed me this;

I have been searching for Jesus when all along He was with me using  every person on this retreat to be His  hands and feet to show me His love. The first night we said God bless you and hugged each other.  That was very impactful for me. It started opening up my heart and to feel my emotions. That evening He used Millie who was there for me during my anxiety attack, she prayed for me and rubbed my feet. He used song to touch my soul in a way that brought me to tears. He used Pastor Larry, Gracie and Bonnie when they anointed me with oil and prayer so I could go to my room and nap without fear.  He used the women’s small group who prayed over me so I could have a good night sleep free from anxiety. He was healing my pain from hearing my name when Carmen prayed for me, when I heard her say Michelle my ear popped. I realized that for me God is using people to show me his love.

This is what I experienced the last day:

I woke up at 4:00AM took a shower, got dressed and sat outside to wait for the sunrise.  As I was sitting there I started asking the Lord to speak to me. I started feeling my hurt and pain in my heart.  I tried so hard to stuff it down but it would not go away. I started to cry. The pain was so intense I did not know how to handle it. I texted Gracie and asked her if she could pray for me because I needed help. She came out and I told her I did not want to go home.  I did not want to go back to the world, I felt like I was in a spiritual hospital and I was finally getting the care I so desperately needed all my life. I sobbed and was shaking. Gracie knocked on Carmen’s door, I was so weak I could not stand.

The Lord was using  Gracie and Carmen to comfort and pray for me while I sat on the balcony sobbing and shaking. He used Gracie to hold me as a mother would her child. I needed to be held so bad I did not want to let go.  When we did have to let go I went in my room and sobbed in my bed for a bit.

Then the enemy started talking and I started questioning  was this really  God? Or just in my head. I was very discouraged again and anger started to show up in me and I wanted to punch something on my way to chapel  and feel the pain physically because the pain my my heart was too much.

Before lunch we all went out for our solitude walk. I did not see God the way I was expecting. I asked him to please show himself to me. I begged Him. Just before I started walking back to the chapel, I stopped and looked at the sky. I saw two airplanes one was going straight up and one was going parallel to the right. I looked at the one going straight up again and said Lord  Are you telling me something. Are you going to write God loves you in the sky? (Now that would be amazing!)

I didn’t think it was Him until I did transforming prayer with Gracie and Carmen and during our time, the Lord showed me the airplane going up.  I asked Him what are you telling me about this and he said to look up, I asked Him what is it about looking up am I supposed to do? I waited and He said  I AM YOUR FATHER! Look to me! Trust only me. I then prayed to him and surrendered my pain, I gave Him control. I told Him I need him to take it because I could not handle it anymore. I admitted I hated my parents, and I forgave them and asked The Lord for mercy on them. I cried, It was an amazing experience ! This is what I have been looking for for years! The healing has begun! Praise God!!

Monday morning at home I opened the you version bible app and the verse for the day blew me away ! It was this:

“See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are! But the people who belong to this world don’t recognize that we are God’s children because they don’t know him.” 1 John 3:1 NLT


Most Important Things Learned/Experienced

  • How the Holy Spirit was so real in our “midst.”
  • The camaraderie was so special
  • The Trinity has the answers to all my questions and longings.
  • I need to take time, retreat, to meet with them.and find answers and clarification and their embrace.
  • Thank you! I needed this retreat more than I realized and the Lord brought me here.


  • Is life transforming, is life giving, it can be so liberating.
  • My experience at the recent ‘Experiencing the Trinity Retreat’ (in Titusville, Florida), is really beyond words that I can think of to describe……. I was struggling with some health issues and this ‘challenged’ me to push on through the weekend.  Yet, this seemed to make the experience even more meaningful….  I was deeply moved ‘spiritually’ over the time spent there…..
  •  God (Father-Son-Spirit) revealed to me some life-changing revelations; …….I received the ‘message’ that I am to prepare for the next ‘season’ of my life (the life God has given to me); I cannot recommend highly enough for ‘all’ that can to attend one of these ‘Retreats’………you WILL NOT regret it!  
  •  This is one of those ‘special times’ in life that is difficult to explain……..it really must be ‘experienced’…….. with the experience will come the understanding.  I plan to attend again next year (God willing); and I recommend that you do the same……
  •  The ‘Odyssey in Christ’ Ministry is worth supporting and participating in……., check it out.
Experiencing the Trinity Retreat Participants Experiencing the Trinity Retreat Participants

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