Resting in Jesus, A Deeper Walk Retreat, Bicol, Philippines

Posted by OIC on October 13, 2019

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Bicol Retreat

About 26 participants from Ligao and Legazpi City as well as from Melbourne Australia responded to this Word as they rested for 3 days, September 5-7, 2019 in “Resting in Jesus, A Deeper Walk Retreat” held at David’s Hometel, 5th Floor, Guilid, Ligao City with Dr. Larry Hinkle, Founder and Director of Odyssey in Christ and Dr. Rey Taniajura, Philippines and Asia’s Odyssey in Christ Representative.


On the first day, Dr. Larry Hinkle welcomed the participants and gave them the overview of the 3-day retreat. He started on Spiritual Desire and challenged them to ask the Lord for any desire in their hearts that they wanted to receive within the duration of the retreat. Indeed, the spiritual desire of every participant was ignited as the Lord planted spirit of expectancy in their hearts.

The second day highlighted the retreat as Father God revealed Himself to each participant by allowing them to experience Him in a different yet simplest way. Dr. Rey Taniajura discussed “Resting in God’s Love” and assisted them to position themselves so that they might receive His great love. The experience was totally amazing as God spoke to everyone in a way that they had never expected to be possible. Then, the long day continued as they played in the presence of God in “Creative Expressions”. They responded to God’s invitation to be like children once again. Everyone gave their best performance that made the moment delightful. They realized that God would never cease to call them children no matter how old they become. Hence, it is an invitation to just enjoy life by being His children.

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The participants were also delighted to meet Ms. Gracie Johnson, a living testimony of God’s great power as she facilitated the “Awareness Reflection” of the women and Dr. Larry and Dr. Rey for the men. The activity was so simple yet important. It gave the participants an avenue to practice silence and solitude while reflecting on all the things that had happened that day. They realized that it would be of great help to becoming Christlike since it will allow them to reflect from what they have experienced throughout the day. Thus, they will be aware where they missed and misrepresented God to others. Being aware that He is always present will encourage them to act accordingly.

Bicol Retreat Participants   Bicol Retreat Participants  Bicol Retreat Participants  Bicol Retreat Participants Bicol Retreat Participants  Bicol Retreat Participants

Throughout the retreat, the speakers discussed selected topics and facilitated exercises that helped the participants learned how to hear from God and be aware of His presence every minute of every day. They were likewise given an opportunity to raise query and share their experience in the group. The retreat convinced everyone about the significance of Sabbath rest to them as human beings. They were also enlightened that there is still an avalanche of revelations about God and experiences they could have with Him. Therefore, they ascertained that they should not be pacified by being saved. Instead, they should desire a very intimate relationship with God as He desires it also and start their odyssey together.

To triumphantly beat the “noise” of this world with God’s help so that they could be in silence and solitude was the prayer of every participant so that they could deeply walk with Him.