Report: Who am I, Really? Retreat, Florida, 2019

Posted by OIC on July 30, 2019

Who am I, Really? Retreat

Ft. Myers, Florida / February 8-10, 2019


Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants

So many people in our world today express deep anxieties, wanting to understand with clarity, exactly who they are, and how their lives have meaning.  The Abundant Grace Fellowship congregation in Fort Myers Florida put these questions, and the good news found in specific, and hopeful answers front and center this past weekend (February 8-10).  Some 23 local congregants along with folks from other churches and parts of south Florida came together to learn practical ways to enter into a deeper personal relationship with our amazing triune God.  Led by Dr. Larry Hinkle, Dr. Charles and Carmen Fleming, Gracie Johnson and their Odyssey in Christ leadership team, the retreat group explored together practical ways to experience a refreshing, rejuvenating, and spiritually renewing personal walk of faith, and to know God more intimately through experiencing His presence in new ways.     

The enjoyable weekend program used a blend of lecture, exercises, along with fellowship and useful group interaction to discover real answers to the question, ‘Who am I, Really?,’ and to develop and expand each individual’s understanding of their true identity in Jesus Christ.  As the group discovered, the Bible is chocked-full of examples of God’s unconditional love for His creation, and the unfathomable and unimaginable future He has planned for each of His children for eternity.     

Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants Who am I, Really? Retreat Participants


 Like the Odyssey in Christ program has done for the past nine years in conferences and programs presented at locations around the globe, local Fort Myers attendees were presented with a fresh, and enlightened look at who we truly are in Christ.  Using resources accumulated through a life-time of ministry and teaching, Dr. Hinkle and his team invited the retreat participants to see new and inspiring ways to grow closer individually to our amazing God.  Attendees learned innovative approaches to empower and enrich their personal journey, through a more complete understanding of periods of solitude, meditation, communion and fellowship, and how they can better actualize the Christ who is in us.  Overall, the weekend family was treated to an amazing renewal of their joy and hope for personal lives filled with God’s love, and dedicated to sharing the good news of their true spiritual identity in Jesus with others.  


Dwight Dean