Report: Resting In Jesus Retreat, Louisiana, 2018

Posted by OIC on April 30, 2019

ODYSSEY IN CHRIST Resting In Jesus - A Deeper Walk Retreat
Fellowship Community Church Grace Communion International
Tickfaw, Louisiana September 22-23, 2018


Resting in Jesus Retreat

On the weekend of September 22-23, 2018, thirty-four participants came from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama seeking the presence of God. The retreat was facilitated by two of Odyssey in Christ’s spiritual directors, Dr. Larry Hinkle and Gracie Johnson.

This retreat is the third in the region with the first two held in the Jackson, Mississippi area in the fall of 2016 and 2017. The following are several written testimonials from participants.

“This retreat is my third with Odyssey in Christ and each one gets better. What greater desire could any of us have but to deepen and strengthen our relationship with God? For two days during this time I left everything behind and came with an open heart to hear from God. He spoke and I listened as His grace, love and presence became real. Everyone should plan to attend one these retreats in the next few years, especially our pastors, pastoral leaders, and interns” (Michael Horchak).

“My wife (Shirley) and I attended this retreat and came away with a ‘spiritual rejuvenation’ that is hard to express in mere words. I will speak here of my “personal” account and experience during these two days. I attended because I was invited by Mike Horchak. My wife has wanted to attend one for some time now.

This was not a ‘cookie-cutter” experience; the way Larry Hinkle and Gracie Johnson conducted this event (and it was an event); was awesome and the Spirit of God was present and obvious from the outset! We know the Spirit is always in and around us; but setting up the atmosphere and tone to contact and commune with our Lord is vital and so often neglected in our personal relationship with God.

I personally received and was ‘touched deeply’ by this retreat and I plan to participate more in this ministry.....I ‘feel’ moved to do so.... I highly recommend this Ministry and the various retreats that are offered. You will not regret it.... I promise you...” (Rannie Childress).

“As I reflect on the recent Rest in Jesus retreat I am thankful I was able to attend. The idea of learning to rest in Jesus was new to me but as I listened and read about the subject, I soon was able to see the impact it has on whoever would practice it. Practice is the “key” word here because it does take practice to achieve the result in knowing Jesus more fully.

Prayer was discussed this weekend, its importance, its impact on the lives of those who pray and its impact on those prayed for. Praying to me now has more meaning. I am able to pray with more depth.

I am learning to listen to Jesus in prayer and in listening, we learn the importance of obeying. Obeying opens the door to closer relationship with our Lord, closer relationship helps us to listen attentively as we realize how much we are loved, wanted, accepted and included. Participating in this retreat was a real experience in learning to pray, listen, and obey.” (Walt Baudoin)

“This morning at church I asked those that attended the Resting in Jesus retreat to come up and share their experience. We are a well seasoned group of folks having attended many retreats together. Retreats from Women of Faith to Promise Keepers. From the Walk to Emmaus to Kairos and I could go on...

One member said that she had attended many retreats in the past but this one stood out as “transformational”. I would have to agree. I really don’t know how many retreats I have been on but probably in the neighborhood of 20-25. This one almost solely focused on rekindling our spiritual flame! It was awesome! Thank you Larry and Gracie for coming down sharing your gift with us!” (Anthony Rice)

“The Odyssey in Christ “Resting in Christ” Retreat was for me a special time, both spiritually and physically. It was a very needed time to move away from concerns and distractions of the day-to-day routine, and become energized to establish new routines that are spiritually proven and effective. The topics were directly relevant to everyone in attendance, and I especially drew upon the material on “The Spirituality of Aging” and the section on “The Sacrament of the Present Moment.” There was also a short but pertinent discussion about “wasting time with Jesus” which I have implemented and found to be a great help. This experience has transcended the actual time of it’s presentation, and is staying with me as I move on through the following days. Thanks to all who worked so hard to present this program—it was, and is, well worth the time, effort, and modest expense to attend! This was my third retreat” (Dave Huffman).

-Testimonies compiled by Pastor Mike Horchak

Resting in Jesus Retreat Participants