Report: Minnesota Retreat 2016

Posted by OIC on September 21, 2016

Members from the four Twin Cities GCI congregations met at the Mt. Olivet Retreat and Conference Center near Farmington, MN on September 9, 10, 11, for a Deeper Walk retreat conducted by Odyssey in Christ Director, Dr. Larry Hinkle and GCI Caribbean Regional Director, Dr. Charles and Carmen Fleming.

As we discovered, our western world, including western theology, in large part due to the Enlightenment era “age of reason”, has emphasized head knowledge (intellectual) and neglected matters of the heart. Deeper Walk addresses that neglect by teaching and hands-on modeling of the neglected practices of the spiritual disciplines that were part of the early Church.

These hands-on practical activities were designed to use our head knowledge of the spiritual disciplines in such a way as to awaken or re-kindle our hearts towards a greater intuitive, creative, emotional, and imaginative awareness of the love of God for, with and in us. Neglect of either head or heart distorts and inhibits our relationship with God as well as with one another. As one of the Deeper Walk presenters said, “Grace without truth is not grace. Truth without grace is cruel.”

The Incarnate Jesus, through the Spirit, actively works to heal the brokenness and deficiencies in our minds and hearts. As we walk deeper and deeper with Jesus, we become more aware of His presence and activity within us, not just intellectually, but in both head and heart.

Larry, Charles and Carmen presented the material in a way that was clearly understood, do-able and fanned the flames for more.

Plans are underway for a similar event in the Twin Cities area in 2017.