Report: Ministry Expansion Philippines & Thailand 2018

Posted by OIC on April 30, 2019

Greetings. Just wanting to share with you some exciting news from Asia regarding our new Master’s degree program in Christian Spirituality & Formation (Philippine Missionary Institute School of Graduate Studies) with doors beginning to open beyond the Philippines and into Thailand. The attached report is from Dr. Rey Taniajura, GCI Philippine Missions Director and OIC representative. 

We praise God for his initiative and his provision in allowing us to provide a unique, spiritually-focused academic program. We now have some 20 students taking classes in the Philippines and are looking forward to expanding it to other areas of Asia. See a general description of the program below.

The Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality and Formation is designed to assist a new generation of leaders, practitioners, and educational leaders in learning, developing, practicing and teaching in the fields of spiritual formation, spiritual direction, and formational counseling. The program equips students in the ministry of Christian caregiving through Spirit-directed counseling with a view to bringing hope, healing, and spiritual well-being to all levels of brokenness in the human condition. Concomitant to the benefits of the program’s design is a focus on the student’s own personal transformation which in turn leads to effective participation in Christ’s ministry of healing and wholeness for the church and for the world. 

Your prayers for the ongoing growth of this MA program are much appreciated. 

Blessings and may this Advent season be a special time of spiritual renewal for you and yours!


GCI/OIC MA Program Members
GCI/OIC Members enrolled in the MA program in Christian Spirituality & Formation/Presbyterian Theological College in Dumaguete, Philippines. August 2018
Philippine Missionary Institute GCI/OIC MA Program Members
GCI/OIC Members and others (Total 11) enrolled in the MA program in Christian Spirituality & Formation/Philippine Missionary Institute in Cavite, Philippines. August 2018.