Report: Bicol OIC Core Group Experiences “Resting in Christ” Retreat

Posted by OIC on April 30, 2019

Resting in Christ Retreat Participants

December 14-16, 2018. For the first time, a “Resting in Christ” retreat of Odyssey in Christ ministry was held in Tabaco City in Bicol region for some sixteen participants three of whom were facilitators. Another couple attended the opening night session but was unable to attend the other sessions because of prior commitment. Six of the participants are original core group members of OIC. The rest of the participants are young people from Potter’s Hand Christian Fellowship, a Grace Communion International congregation in Tabaco City.

Some of the topics for the sessions included: Who is Jesus?, Resting in Jesus, Who Am I in Christ and the Spirituality of Aging. An added topic for the retreat was on the Paschal Mystery as framework for understanding Spirituality. It was taken from the book, “Holy Longing, The Search for a Christian Spirituality” by Ronald Rolheiser.

Resting in Christ Retreat Participants

Toward the end of the retreat, prior to Communion, some breakthroughs in dealing with personal conflicts of some of the participants were experienced, as well as emotional healing. Formational prayers and counseling for some were also conducted after the retreat. “Resting in Christ” retreat is one of two new retreats that are being offered by Odyssey in Christ, Philippines. The other retreat/seminar is “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, A Journey to Maturity”. Facilitators for the retreat in Tabaco City were Rey and June Taniajura, and Vicky Constantino.