Spiritual Companion Groups

The art of spiritual direction has to do with helping others to discern God’s present-moment activity in their lives, and to articulate ways of how to appropriately respond to what God is saying and doing. It is a ministry of listening with one’s heart to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in another person’s life. In this way the path for one’s life in Christ is given a clearer focus and direction. As Dr. Larry Crabb states in Connecting: Healing For Ourselves And Our Relationships,

“When the Spirit of God is dynamic in our lives, his central job is connecting us with God, convincing us of our need for a Savior, drawing us to Christ, whispering to us that God is our Father, making clear to us the truth of God from Scripture, coming alongside of us to console us when we’re wounded, to equip and strengthen us for the work we’re called to do, and to empower us to relate to others with the energy of Christ. No problem is deeper or more significant than the absence or minimization of this connecting force.”

Connecting in this formational journey with a companion who participates with you in the process of spiritual transformation can greatly enhance the experience of getting to know God and yourself better, as well as to prepare you for more effective service in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in training for forming Spiritual Companion relationships, or for learning more about small-group spiritual direction, please send your request to office@odysseyinchrist.com.